Collection: Wholesale offers for coat hangers, clothes rails and S hooks from rod & knot

Welcome to rod & knot - your partner for wholesale solutions for clothes hangers, clothes rails and accessories. Our wholesale category offers you high-quality products in bulk at attractive prices. Whether you are a hotel, retailer or business owner, we have the right solutions for you. Discover our diverse selection of metal clothes hangers, wholesale clothes rails and S hooks in bulk.

Metal hangers wholesale - quality for demanding customers

Our metal hangers for wholesale customers stand for quality and durability. Made from robust metal, they offer a reliable storage solution for your clothes. With their elegant appearance and strong load-bearing capacity, they are ideal for use in hotels, boutiques or retail stores. Browse through our range and find the right metal hangers for your requirements.

Clothes rails for major customers - stylish and practical

Our ceiling-mounted clothes rails for large customers combine stylish design with high functionality. They offer a space-saving solution for displaying your clothes. Whether you want to equip a walk-in closet, a sales area or a cloakroom - our clothes rails are the perfect choice. Discover the variety of sizes and designs and design your room efficiently and attractively.

S Hooks in Bulk - Versatility for Your Needs

Our S hooks for commercial customers are true all-rounders. They are perfect for hanging accessories, scarves, belts and much more. With their practical shape and high load-bearing capacity, they offer you maximum flexibility when organizing your products. Order S hooks in large quantities and benefit from our attractive bulk customer offers.

Discover our diverse selection of high-quality metal clothes hangers, clothes rails and S hooks in the rod & knot online shop today. Benefit from our attractive bulk customer offers and design your storage solutions professionally and efficiently. If you have any questions, we are happy to help - contact our sales team for personal advice and support.

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